GUMIS is a company based in Split, Croatia and is specialised in rubber molding, metal machining and retro-fit engineering. We design, develop and manufacture various rubber, metal, rubber-metal and plastic made products based on our clients needs.

Our product range is divided into Industrial program, Program for yachts, sailboats and cruise ships and Laser cutted products. By using different types of rubber compounds, we are able to deliver our clients „tailor made“ products and services for use in any kind of industry and resistant to specific environments.

If You don't find a solution in our production program for Your need, we can offer You assistance in designing Your product using 3D software, fabricating prototype, mold construction and, finally, fabrication of desire product. You can depend on our service, product quality, competitive pricing and staff of experienced engineers.

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Address: Lovacki put 7, 21 000 Split - Hrvatska
Cell: +385 98 177 3562
Tel: +385 21 370 495
Fax: +385 21 411 505
E-mail: gumis@gumis.com.hr